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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Great Backsplash Tiles for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Pretty backsplashes can be one of the most striking elements for kitchen designs. Beautiful backsplashes can be your kitchen cabinets perfect partners. However, sometimes the backsplash selection is left to the very end of a home remodeling project and becomes an afterthought. 

Now check out the following backsplash mosaics that wow from the moment you walk into the kitchen, and get this opportunity to personalize your kitchen and bring together the backsplashes, kitchen cabinets and other elements of your kitchen.

1. Mother of pearl shell mosaic tile would be a great option for kitchen cabinets, expecially for Craftsman Vita Maple cabinets.

2. Glass stone tiles coordinate perfectly with for Craftsman Vita Maple cabinets or Cream Maple cabinets.

3. Heart shaped porcelain pebble mosaic tile is perfect for Craftsman Java Maple cabinets.

Bring a sample with you when shopping for tile to make sure the color of the tile will be perfect combination with that of your kitchen cabinets.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Repair Shower Leak Repair by Yourself Easily

To repair a leaking shower is not only a trouble thing, but also an expensive thing.


Dripping all the time will waste gallons of water every day. Do not look down upon the dripping, it will raise your water bill and will affect your water heater, thus a high electricity or gas charges will be caused.

Despite your expenses, a leaking shower will also damage your property. Why? The water dribbles to the wall continually; mold, dry rot and other related problems will be shown up, sooner or later.

If you are experiencing this problem now unfortunately, this guide will lead you to stop this leak quickly!

The handle may be improperly shut off, you need to make sure that it is in the correct position it should be. If it still exists, then go to the next step.

Before repairing, remember to turn off the water supply valves. If you are not sure what is the valves location, just turn off the main line off, it is okay.

Make sure that no water will come out, then pry off the cap with knife and remove the faucet handle. Use your screwdriver to separate the screw which is located under the cap.

If the faucet handle is too tight, use a hair dryer or a handle puller to pull it up.
When you remove the faucet’s handle, separate the old cartridge which will be exposed in a short time. Install a new cartridge after using a cartridge puller to finish this task.

Use wrench or a pair of pliers to remove the shower faucet, and then let the water drain out of the tap.

Install your shower’s faucet, remember that do not tighten it just make sure it is safe.

Now, test the leak is fix or not. If the problems still exists, you need to find a professional team.

Hope this guide will gives you a lesson of how to repair a shower leak by yourself. If you still could not tighten the connection by yourself, you may need to call a trusted and professional worker.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How to Clean Your Vanity Cabinet

Your vanity cabinet may be spilled and stained by soap, toothpaste, make-up and shaving cream, and be caused stains and spots by the mineral buildups in hard water. Keeping your vanity cabinet clean is not only hygienic but will also help preserve it over the long term and make it looking fantastic.

Here are some tips for cleaning your vanity cabinet and remove stains from it.

How to clean your vanity cabinet 

First of all, remove the things from the counter top, like bottles, soaps and other bathroom accessories. Keep in mind that it is important to use non-abrasive cleaners when cleaning your bathroom surfaces, no matter what material they are made from.  
Pay more attention to the areas where soap scum builds up and clean off any obvious rings left by bottles or cans. Wash the areas down using a tight weave cloth and warm soapy water. Then dry it immediately with a dry cloth to prevent streaking. 

How to remove stains from your vanity cabinet

Here are some tips about how to remove hard water and toothpaste stains. 

1. Hard Water Stains
1). Mix 1 tbsp. of lemon juice and 1 cup of vinegar.
2). Rub the mixture on the stain with a washcloth and allow it to soak in for three to four minutes.
3). Rinse it off with water and a washcloth.

2. Toothpaste and Other Counter Stains
1). Combine a 1/2 cup of baking soda, 1/2 cup of liquid dish detergent, and then add 1/4 cup of vinegar, until reach the desired consistency.
2). Rub the combination onto the stains, and wipe away with a washcloth.
3). Spot clean with a dab of dish detergent, followed by a sprinkling of baking soda. Dry up the combination with a washcloth to remove.

For bigger stains or stains on expensive wooden vanity, it can be a good idea to hire a professional to do the job for you.

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Guide for Fixing a Loose Faucet Handle

Although faucets are durable fixtures which can be used for many years, it has internal small components that are easy to wear and tear. These parts will deteriorate with the faucets during use. Sooner or later, it will cause a loose faucet handle with the parts rubbing against each other. Compared to other problems, though this plumbing problem won’t cause too much inconvenience or damage, it needs to be fixed ASAP, or when it is worsen and triggered other problems of plumbing emergencies. Actually you can fix it yourself, follow this guide!

1.To find a decorative cap that is usually installed at the center of the faucet handle. On the cap, you will see “C” and “H” which stands for cold and hot respectively. You need to use a knife to pop it out. 

2.When you remove the cap, you’ll find a screw that holds the faucet handle properly. Loosen the screw and it allows you to slip the valve stem off. Or in other words, you can use an Allen wench to get the set screw in place out.

3.When the screw is loosened, remove the faucet’s handle next. 

4.Now, it is time to tighten the connection. Wrap a plumber’s tape around the faucet’s stem and please, remember to wrap it in a clockwise way. And one thing, to make sure that the tape should fit the faucet stem over, without overlapping. 

5.Put the handle back and then tighten the connection with the screw or the set screw. After this movement, put the decorative cap back.

6.Test: turn the faucet on, and ensure that it won’t leak. 

How to Care For Your Faucets

In order to keep your faucets in good condition, follow these tips: 

1.Use a mild soap to clean your faucets regularly. 

2.Please keep in mind that, do not use abrasive sponges or other similar things, or they will scratch your faucets. 

3.Also, avoid using cleansers which contains acid, solvent or acetic materials. 

4.Wipe the faucets after every use, to prevent lime spots. 

5.Cleaning the aerator every week that will help to remove hard mineral deposits; also, it will keep the flow of water running smoothly. 

Hope this guide will gives you a lesson of how to fix a loose faucet handle. If you still could not tighten the connection by yourself, you may need to call a trusted and professional worker.

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Why Choose Glass Mosaic Tile in Modern Days?

Nowadays, the position and demand of glass mosaic tile have increased, due to they are no longer expensive and most important of all, and they really improve the overall outlook and level of your home. Even though you will have more choice like ceramic mosaic tiles, metallic mosaic tiles and so on; we believe that glass mosaic tile keep playing an important role in the mosaic tiles industry.

Glass mosaic tiles can not only liven up but also brighten your home interior, as they won’t absorb light like hardwoods and carpets etc, and they are very easy to clean and maintain.

Glass mosaic tile is a perfect option to make your home with a sense of artistic beauty; actually it is utilizing the illuminating properties of the glass. Just try to make your home with several of glass mosaic tiles; you can’t totally imagine that how it will be miraculous.

The glass mosaic tile from is both beautiful and durable. You will find your love tile here, trust us.

Monday, July 13, 2015

How to Clear a Clogged Kitchen Sink by Yourself

There is no doubt that you will meet a clogged sink, sooner or later. It’s a normal thing. When you use your sink to clean your pots and pans, or wash vegetables or fruits, some small things will get into the sink drain along with the running water.

These substances will stick onto your pipes, and pile up over time, thus it gives rise to clogs.

Luckily, it is not a difficult thing to clear drain clogs. With the right supplies and plumbing tools, you sink will be smooth again.

One important tip! DO NOT USE CHEMICAL DRAIN CLEANERS! The irritating chemicals will swallow your pipes.

Here we will show you a detailed guide on how to clear a clogged kitchen sink. From this step-by-step guide you will get your sink problem fix in a short time.

When scoop the water, you can inspect the drain. Remove the food particles which block in the hole if it has. Just Turn on the faucet to check if it can solve this problem.

Just try a popular remedy if the clog happens in the pipe: Baking soda and vinegar. Pour a cup of baking soda into the drain and then a cup of vinegar. Put the plug on, and these two things will create a chemical reaction.

Wait for a few minutes with patience, as the baking soda combines with vinegar and they will fizzes out the sticky particles on the pipe walls. Pour a kettle of boiling water to wash them when you no longer hear any fizzing sound.

If the above way could not settle out the clog problem, it is time to use your old plunger. Put some water in the sink to make sure that plunger’s rubber part gets wet. You need to make sure that the position is in the middle of the hole, and then start to plunge in a certain pace. Repeat this movement around 15 times then test if the clog is still here. 

If the clog is too stubborn, use your plumbing snake now. Separate the trap under the sink and the snake. Turn the crank clockwise for further inserting the snake and go ahead to push the wire until the clog is broken into dinky pieces.

After all these methods have been done and your clog problem still not solve, your vents or the clog problem may be quite serious. Time to call a professional team to help you to get this clog problem solved.

Follow the above steps strictly then your clogged sink problem should be worked out at any time.
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Friday, July 10, 2015

Discover Kitchen Backsplash Tile Ideas on

Before selecting your kitchen backsplash tile, the first thing needed to consider is the overall look of your kitchen. In that way, you can prevent yourself from making a design mistake and also avoid yourself feeling overwhelmed by hundreds of tile options that are available at home improvement online or physical stores.

Kitchen backsplash mosaic tiles come in a wide range of styles, like glass, stone and glass, metal and glass, pearl seashell, porcelain and many other materials. What tile you choose will depend on what design your kitchen is, but definitely there are materials which will work best with some kitchen styles. 

Glass backsplash tiles are good options for kitchen remodeling. They are pretty popular for people who spend many time in the kitchen and prefer a kitchen backsplash that is easy to clean and maintain. Glass backsplash tiles might be the perfect clean-and-go option, which are perfect for resisting spills and stains and need just a little time to maintain.

Glass mosaic tiles have a wide range of colors, from muted tones to bold. If you want an elegant focal point in your kitchen, simple flat glass backsplash tiles could be your options. If your kitchen style is contemporary, your choices could range from plain crystal glass to bold colorful glass mosaic tiles. No matter what styles you choose, glass backsplash tiles can turn out amazing and captivating in your kitchen.

In addition to glass backsplash tile, there are many other choices for your remodeling, such as mother of pearl shell tile, porcelain pebble tile, stone glass tile and metal glass backsplash tile,ect.

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