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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How to get through a Tough Slowing Housing Market—your Cost-Saving Solution as a Home Builder, General Contractor, Hotel Builder, Real estate develope

How to get through a Tough Slowing Housing Market—your Cost-Saving Solution as a Home Builder, General Contractor, Hotel Builder, Real estate developer…

Innovative supply chain and putting everything on the internet are the competitive edge of reducing costs while maintain the high integrity of quality at This Santa Clara silicon valley based firm has a lot to offer to building and construction industry with targeting customers of Home Builders, Hotel builders, architect, designers and contractors….

In a tough housing market due to the sub-prime mortgage crisis, as a professional in the building materials industry, cutting costs is the best way to get through the difficult time. The money you can save, is the money you earn… shows all the pricing, specifications, product photos on the website, so it can be simple & easy for you to make buying decisions…also, can customize products as per your specifications or your samples…if you like something you’ve seen somewhere else but are intimidated by the high pricing, certainly can help…

More styles, more options and choices of building and home improvement materials:

Here at , we are all about giving you more choices, more options, so you can expand your business practices. It’s very common that you need to call companies to get their quote, and you’ll get hassle with salesman, trying to pressure you into a buy. provides you with pictures, specifications, prices, and a huge variety of products for you to choose from. With those features, you can always take a look at our website on your own time, be it during work, after work, and there will be no salesman to hassle you, and no wait time for a quote. When you have an item in interest or a question in mind, you can contact our exceptional customer service, and your question will be answered in a timely manner. is the online affiliate of Home Elements, Inc, which is manufacturers for kitchen cabinet, vanity cabinets, glass sinks, ceramic sinks, granite and marble countertop and tiles, glass mosaic tiles, porcelain and ceramics tiles, masonry clay bricks, landscape fencing products, concrete roofing tiles, faucets, plumbing products, hot-tub...

Prestigious Factories including the big brand from Euro:

In addition to what we make ourselves, we have selective factories who we worked side by side for big residential and commercial projects in China and Euro for the past 20 years. Some factories like Diricks Fencing company, is the biggest French manufacturer of Fence products; Lafarge, it is the biggest European manufacturer of Roofing tiles, and building materials. Therefore, all these factories were screened and selected. further certified these products using US standards to make sure that they are complied with US building code and quality standard.

Some Link to kitchen cabinets:

Link to our countertop of granite and marble:

For distributor/reseller/wholesale/importer buyer like you, provides you the following benefits you can not get from other factories or suppliers:

1. Trust, service, pricing…we have all you expect…The direct and ultimate access to direct buy from factories while dealing with a California incorporated company with full compliance of US regulations and laws on business practices, product quality as well as due diligence on responsibility on follow up of any possible issues should it occurs. In other words, you get the same level of customer service and quality expectation in US while getting the a factory pricing, in fact, a lot of our customers who are importers and distributors and used to buy “directly” from China turn to us after trying our products and services.

Inevitably, if you “directly” source from China, you might have a lot of issues and hassle to deal with. Hence, when you do it “directly”, you usually still go through some buying agent or trading company. Just a simple question, if someone in China took your money away or run away when quality issues occur, what can you do about them? is the BBB accredited business member, having good track record of being a building materials supplier for for 2 years and big customer base in US and Canada, a Trustpass member at

2. allows our customers to order multiple products under different categories. We consolidate the multiple products into one shipment to deliver to your appointed address. This is ideal for distributors and resellers, since most likely that you customers in your region will be happy to see you have the one-stop shopping convenience. You simply can sell more to them and make them keep coming back.

3. In addition to high quality, extremely competitive prices, offers customization made services if samples, drawing and specifications are provided by you. This is a service not available for most of your current building materials suppliers. Our turn around time for samples will be fast, for example, for glass tile, we have the record of only 5 business days to make a custom sample. But that depends on specific request, we will quote the time when we receive the requirement and spec from you.

4. also provides OEM/private label services for distributors/dealers/home centers per your packaging and brand with a minimum quantity requirement. Please contact us for details.

Although our price is competitive, that should not be the only reason for you to choose us… is goal is to brig high quality building materials, home improvement and decorative materials to building industry with extremely affordable prices…

We’re not here to pressure you into a sale, or trying to convince you that our products are the best. In the profession that you are in, I’m sure you’re incredibly smart and will realize a good deal when you see one. So you can be the judge for yourself. No pressure, No hassle, Just CHOICES. All we ask is that you check our website out with an open mind, and if you think you can save with us or if you think your architecture projects will be more successful with the products we offer, give us a call, and that’s all it takes for you to get the right product you want.

Please contact me for any questions.

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