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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Tips for Selecting Mosaic Tile

When people mention renovation, the most important is choosing the floor tiles. So, what features should floor tiles have? Sure, beautiful, slip-resistant, comfort and durability. Nowadays, ceramic mosaic tile is one of the recommended types. Except the above features we mentioned, its design, texture and color are also distinguishing features.  

Hope the below tips will help you to choose the tiles correctly: 

1. Wherever they are used, the tiles should keep natural and as warm as sunshine.

2. To exude some warmth, large room should match with dark colors and small rooms should match with light colors. 

3. Just choose the easy matching colors like white, grey or almond if you are not sure which color should choose. 

4. If you are confident enough, just choose the lightful colors, which would make your room more commodious. 

5. Choose grout color carefully, all you want is try to make the grout invisible in the grout line. 

6. If permitted, choose larger tiles which make a room more spacious.

7. When you take a bath, you are relaxing yourself, your body and your mind. Therefore, try to use green in your bathroom or put some plants in corners, not only for decorates, but also for good your eyes. 

8. Design is creative; you can use the same mosaic as floor tile and wall tile,but only if it is not too slippery. Then your room space will be enlarged infinitely. 

9. Choosing kitchen tile, you may need to match the color of your cabinets. Smaller kitchen will be much easier to have a warming and welcoming atmosphere. 

10. Nowadays the shapes of mosaic tile are various, not just the regular shape like square or rectangle, you may focus on the other shapes like penny round, interlocking or fish scale if you want to make your room fashion and stunning not stereotyped like before. 

We hope the above tips will give you great help if you have any confusion when decide to remold your house. 

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Penny Round Mother of Pearl Mosaic Tiles

Mother of pearl mosaic tile is also known as mother of pearl tile, mother of pearl mosaic, shell tile, seashell tile, shell mosaic tile, jewelry pearl tile, ect. 
It creates an air of nature, elegance and luxury with its 100% natural enduring luster. It is also eco-friendly and user-friendly, popularly used for projects in villas, hotels, luxury shops, beauty salons and so on. Its application is unlimited to the above places and you can also install it on kitchens as backsplashes, bathroom walls, living room walls, ceilings, column surfaces, fireplaces and more.

Mother of pearl tile is with many stylish shapes, penny round,diamond, subway,rectangle,square,hexagon, ellipse,random,ect. Today, we will first introduce penny round seashell tile, and other shaped shell tiles in following articles.

Penny tiles were originally used for floors, and now are a great choice for backsplashes, walls and even columns. The love for penny mosaic tiles may be never-ending. And penny round mother of pearl tiles become more and more popular. Usually, they can add delicate femininity to traditional bathrooms, or create captivating and sumptuous spaces.

Handmade penny round mother of pearl mosaics are naturally organic and have pearlescent luster. They are very durable and easy to install on kitchens, bathrooms and other areas in both dry and wet places. They are perfect for bathroom walls, backsplashes, accent walls, fireplace surrounds,ect. Penny round pearl shell tiles can add a sheen and lasting exquisiteness in any spaces.

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