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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Linear Shower Drain

Linear shower drains are drains that create a one-way slope to a single line extending completely between two vertical surfaces. There are two basic kinds of linear drain supplied on the market now. One brings about the look of a linear drain possible with a decorative cover but still keep the old two-part clamping ring drain system underneath. It adds more labor to install and is not so efficient. Another kind of linear shower drain includes a body underneath with a waste outlet connecting directly with the plumbing. 

Linear shower drains on not only look like linear drains but are indeed linear drains. They are with various beautiful patterns and functioning efficiently for years. 

Linear shower drains on BuilderElements are all superior handcrafted. They are with the highest quality and supplied in many styles/patterns to match your home decor and remodeling project. They are made of 304 stainless steel to ensure their durability and long lasting use. Their satin polished finish let them have smooth surfaces, safe drainage and high hygiene. 

Here are some top seller linear shower drains:

Yangtze River Series Linear Shower Drain (supplied in 12”,24”,32” and 36” Long)

 Volga River Series Linear Shower Drain (supplied in 12”,24”,32” and 36” Long)

Amazon River Series Linear Shower Drain (supplied in 12”,24”,32” and 36” Long)

How do I install linear shower drains?

We offer detailed and instructional installation guide for you to avoid installation mistakes and let the installation process easy in almost any kind of construction or remodeling project.

Compared with traditional shower drains, linear shower drains on only require simple 2D grading of the floor towards the channel and can be used with any type of tiled shower configuration. 

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Your dream kitchen is within reach!

With, planning your kitchen remodeling project is simple and enjoyable.

Get started now!

Step 1: Find Your Own Style
Our kitchens all got a style, but sometimes they need help to figure out what type of design best fits their “personality”. offers kitchen cabinets with a variety of styles and high quality and beauty that you will enjoy for years, Cream maple glaze, Mahogany maple,Cinnamon maple glaze and more.

Step 2: Design Your Kitchen offers free 3D kitchen design, allowing you to view your new kitchen before taking the finial step and avoiding mistakes in your kitchen cabinet selection processes. It can let you best finalize your design decisions for the layout of your new kitchen. 

Step 3: Install Your Kitchen Cabinets
How to Install Kitchen Cabinets? Whether you hire a professional cabinet installer or do the job by yourself, preparation is the most important key to success.  If you plan to hire a cabinet installer, start asking your friends, relatives or colleagues for referrals early in your designing stage. 

Step 4: Love Your Kitchen Space
Maintaining the beauty of your kitchen cabinets can create a space providing joy to you for long. Kitchen cabinets often get stained with grease and other food residues. Regular clean and maintain of your kitchen cabinets is essential to keep them stunning and more durable. Vinegar is one of the best cleaning materials to clean cabinets. It's slightly acidic to help with the grime, but with no harsh chemicals to damage your kitchen cabinets. It is very easy to clean kitchen cabinet with vinegar. Regular clean with vinegar can leave your cabinets looking fresh in a matter of moments.

You will be surprised at how kitchen cabinets can transform any room in your kitchen. And you will find that kitchen cabinets are flexible enough to offer the perfect solution to your kitchen. 

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Kitchen cabinet: 

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How to Tile with Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles bring you and your house a feeling of texture, energy and color. A long time ago, mosaic tiles have been installed in the kitchen and bathroom, and there are many reasons why they will stay as key position in designing and decorating house.

Materials which used in kitchen or bathroom should be durable, like ceramic, porcelain and marble; all of them are known to waterproof and heat-resisting. No matter used indoors or outdoors, wall tiles or floor tiles, you will find out that there a lot of ways that mosaic tiles can provide decorative as well as protective value.

Installing mosaic tiles

A lot of people think that it is hard to install mosaic tiles due to their smaller size and more tiles for every project. For this reason, when choosing the right fit and color for the mosaic tiles, the installation will be fairly easy. Okay, before beginning the installation, here wants to share some tips to make your project process more smoothly and successfully.

The following tools should be ready:
   Spirit level
   Tile adhesive
   Adhesive spreader
   Tile cutter
   Sponge or damp cloth
   Grout float
   Tape Measure
   Wood block

1.   After confirming your tiles style, then you should consider how many tile you will need. Many professional websites usually offer a tile calculator, where the buyers can enter their measurements of the walls and the mosaic tile size, and then the system will calculate the correct quantity of the tile they need. In case any unexpected happens like pieces break, we suggest to buy a little extra, that would be much helpful.

2.   For preparation, you need to make sure the level and all cracks have been filled. In an ideal world, surfaces without wallpaper or old tiles are a better place to install tiles. There is one way to remove the existing tiles: use a hammer and chisel. Use a pencil and a spirit level for marking the area, also the spirit level will help you to line up straight the tiles.

3.   If permitted, we suggest you to get the best adhesive and adhesive spreader. To ensure the adhesive will stay in a moisture environment longer, you should dust the walls down and apply a sealer for help. Apply the adhesive evenly to a thickness of about 3-5 mm.

4.   When installing the mosaic tiles, start from the center of surface, where with a tape measure, for any cuts or adjustments will be made for the edges. One thing important, make sure that you are installing the pattern of the tiles in a correct way. Use a wooden block and a mallet to tap the tiles lightly, just to make sure they’re level and firmly in place. Then use a wall scraper to remove the needless adhesive in the wall edges.

5.   Compared to bigger tiles, small mosaic tiles are easier to install when meeting some obstacles like light switches or electric plugs. The reason is because small mosaic tiles can be cut into several individual tiles with craft knife when it needs to fit along the edges.

6.   Before applying the grout, the adhesives needs at least 24 hours to get dry. Grouts are available in different colors; you should pay attention to the consistency between the powder and the grouts. To check if the grout is safe and clean to wipe, you can press your nail into the grout and if it could not be impressed, then use a cloth to remove the needless adhesive in the walls edges. To protect against moisture damage, occasionally spray water into the grout for two to three days.

For achieving the correct effect, mosaic tiles should be in harmony with the style and function of the other room or space of the house. In a lot of unique designs, mosaic tiles play a great role to provide much feasibility. Under normal circumstances, mosaic tiles is durable building elements, it can serve you for many years.

Have you got confidence to start your mosaic tile project after reading this guide? I hope so. Why not get some beautiful mosaic tile at, I guarantee you will be fallen in love with them. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Launch of New Metal Glass Mosaic Tile-MAG0028 announces the launch of a new arrival mosaic tile, MAG0028. It is the latest addition to our popular metal glass tile collection and features itself brown, khaki and silver mixed color and interlocking pattern. 

Its contemporary color blend is designed to make itself chic. Moreover, its clean geometric design with metal and glass is visually striking. This tile will provide any room with stylish,elegant and contemporary appearances. It will be a great choice to use for in a kitchen back splash, featured wall, decorative border and much more spaces in your house.

MAG0028 is with 12 x 12 inches overall size and 0.16 inches thickness. It is mesh mounted mosaic tile. Whether for kitchen backsplashes, vanity backsplashes, accent walls, bathrooms, living rooms and any other space, this tile is durable and stunning and can be installed on not only interior residential but commercial wall areas. 

MAG0028 is with 12 x 12 inches overall size and 0.16 inches thickness. It is mesh-mounted mosaic tile.Whether for kitchen backsplashes,vanity backsplashes,accent walls,bathrooms,living rooms and any other space,this tile is durable and stunning and can be installed on not only interior residential but commercial wall areas. 

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Showerheads on

Now close your eyes and recall the best showerhead you’ve ever seen. Were you in a hotel? A private club? Then, open your eyes and find yourself in your shower room at home. Is that shower head what you want? Do you want to replace it to give yourself more enjoyable showers? 

There are many different styles of showerheads on the market today. It may be difficult to choose the right one for you and your family. Not every showerhead on the market is created equal, so let’s take a look at one of the most popular showerheads right now- Dawn shower heads on

The showerheads on, made of ABS plastic/solid brass, are equipped with different spray settings (rain, massage, sauna, rain saunna, rain massage and more) and easy-to-clean spray nozzles to create extraordinary showering experience and match your home décor needs. Designed to prevent wear and tear, they are easy and durable for everyday use and nearly maintenance free. The showerheads are engineered with the resilience and craftsmanship to deliver the power. No matter what style your bathroom style is, traditional or modern, you will find the perfect showerhead that fits your bathroom or shower room on They can let new life breathed into your bathroom.

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Monday, June 15, 2015

To Describe Your Own House Style with BuilderElements

When you have a house, decoration is one of the important parts. The place with mosaic tiles will be the most comfortable for you, hence do not compromise or hesitate to follow your heart. To make your dream house come true, you can rely on BuilderElements; as an experienced mosaic tile seller, what we understand is not only tiles, but also how to describe your house in a different and unique way, we know deeply how to turn your dream into your marvelous and real house. Through this article, some reasons are being come to know to you about why beautiful mosaic tiles needs to be installed in a house.

Everyone likes to have coffee or cold drink in a bright balcony, nice kitchen or by clean staircase with their friends or beloveds, to make such a harmonious atmosphere, BuilderElements’ modern and stylish tiles helps you a lots. Please assured that, BuilderElements take consider every corner, space and room of your sweet house into consideration, supposed all of them are represent their sweet story that will deeply touch your heart; With installing BuilderElements’ beautiful mosaic tiles you will definitely find out that every place in your home, you balcony, your staircase, your bedroom, your bathroom etc., are much adorable and valuable.

Beautiful things are attractive, it is the same formula applies in decorating a nice home as well; all these can be fulfilled with BuilderElements. When you get touched BuilderElements’s mosaic tiles, you will feel that it is smooth and comfortable, and your anxiety and tensions will be cleared away; a grin will come on your face when seeing the kitchen is installed with BuilderElements mosaic tiles, also you will be enchanted with the marvelous tiles in your bathroom. There is no doubt that you will fall in love with BuidlerElements mosaic tiles after installing it.

We believe that you will choose BuilderElements as your house decoration supplier, as we know what you want; in the meanwhile we provide you wide collection for decorating your dream house. In the past times, you saw others’ house and are drawn to their beautiful houses, it’s your turn to impress your family and your friends by choosing BuilderElements with your own unique style.

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Development History of Mosaic Tile

Overview of Mosaic Tiles
Mosaic tile is one of the oldest building materials; it is made by pottery or small container. Nowadays, mosaic belongs to tile, or it says as brick, generally composed of dozens of pieces of small bricks. For its characteristics like exquisite and iridescent, it is widely used in floor or wall of indoor and outdoor. If your bathroom is large enough with bright light, you can definitely choose the mosaic tile which is easier to clean than others.

Cultural History of Mosaic Tiles
As early people lived in caves, they want to make the floor more durable, and then they used many kinds of marble lying in the ground, that’s the “ancestors” of mosaic tile, the earliest mosaic tiles is derived and developed from now. An art mosaic earliest is a kind of mosaic art by drawing a pattern on the wall surface or floor, pebbles, shells, tiles, glass colored inlays performance. Mosaic tile, used as decorative materials, and was first found in Sumerian temple walls. Archaeological discoveries is ancient Greece, marble mosaic pavements is very common at that time, supposed it was the most commonly to use black and white marble mosaic tile for pavements. Only the governors or the rich has can afford to hire workers and other materials.

Modern Mosaic Tiles
Today, materials like glass, marble, porcelain, metal, stainless steel and marble, even cutlery, buttons or stationery, all of them can be used to make mosaic tile. With advanced technology, gold and silver can be added into glass mosaic tiles, or even mass produced. Mosaic, for its visual culture and special meaning, it is seriously paid more and more attention by academics. In 1950s, mosaic tiles enlighten the art world, and new materials such as plastic and glass fiber, believed that modern mosaic tiles will create a dramatic and percussive artwork again.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

How to select stainless steel kitchen sinks

Kitchen sink is an indispensable and important element for kitchen landscape. If you don’t like the way your kitchen looks and plan to make remodeling, selecting kitchen sinks is an inevitable part. There are many materials for kitchen sinks, like stainless steel, fireclay, cast iron and more. Among these materials, stainless steel (304 type) kitchen sink is the most popular. Now let’s talk about how to choose a stainless steel kitchen sink. 

Here are the instructions:

1. Go to a home improvement physical store or search online store selling stainless steel kitchen sinks.

2.Decide how many bowls you need for your kitchen sink. If you have a large family or cook a lot, double bowls may be a good choice; while if you just live alone or don’t need to cook a lot, a single bowl will be much more suitable.


                               (Dawn ASU103 Single Bowl Sink) 

                        (Dawn ASU1081 Double Bowls Sink) 

3. Check the gauge. Gauge 16 to 18 is good.  The thicker the gauge, the more durable the stainless steel sink will be. (Dawn stainless steel sinks are with 16,18 and 20 gauge).

4.See the finish for stainless steel sinks. Stainless steel sinks with satin finish can last longer, however, those with glossy finish may easily get scratched. 

5. Check the dimensions of the stainless steel sinks and find how deep you need the sink to be. The deeper the sinks are, the more dishes or vegetables you can fit in them.

6.Decide what mounting method you need, top mount or under mount. Top mounted stainless steel sinks are easier to install, while under-mounted sinks are easier to maintain and look visually streamlined with the counter tops.

7.Write down your preferences and ask the store staff to see whether they have the sink you want when you don’t see it on display. 

If you are interested in Dawn stainless steel kitchen sinks, please enter the following link. Links for kitchen faucets and mosaic tiles will be also useful for your kitchen remodeling. 

Link for stainless steel kitchen sinks:

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Sunday, June 7, 2015

How to Select Kitchen Cabinets When You Remodel

It is not an easy thing to select a set of kitchen cabinet for your house, style, needs, budget and many factors should be considered carefully. Of course you would like to know the advantages of the materials, changes in design and custom cabinet options. Just narrow down the conditions to get an idea of what you actually and finally want, one by one. 

1st: Budget. 
You may not know, a kitchen offers you the greatest chance for investment. Why do we say that? Because, if you ever think of selling or renting your home, your kitchen will bring you the more money you’ve invested at your remodeling. People always say, a nice kitchen can be much expensive than you thought. Cabinet outlets and cabinet wholesalers usually provide economic cabinets, it saves your money if you budget is tight. Or you can select and purchase cabinet at online shops, as they sometimes have promotions like discount off, free shipping etc. 

2nd: Type
There are 3 types of cabinets when you select: stock, semi-custom and custom-made. Of course, cabinet in stock is the lowest price and custom-made ones will be the highest prices. 
All of them have their own advancements. 
For stock cabinet, they are made in popular styles and suitable for most kitchens, that are why they have large amount in stock and are ready to ship out, people will make their quick choice to select and purchase them in a short time. One important point you should know, you can get high discount off at physical stores as you can found the same type at online shops. The shortcoming of stock cabinets is that they are only one-size-fits by and large and you may waste much useful space. 
For semi-custom cabinet, it provides a competitive option for customers when they have more requirements. 
Compares to the first two types, custom-made cabinet have overwhelming preponderance. Though the price of custom-made cabinet is absolutely expensive than the others, customers who are willing to pay. Why? Simply, custom-made cabinet offers the opportunity to use your kitchen space to an extreme. Some stores or even online stores provide free kitchen design or layout design if your kitchen is going to have a big change. Through this option, any material or style can be selected freely based on your own idea to fit your kitchen. 

3rd: Materials
Factors like cost, style and usability should be taken into consideration when select materials for kitchen cabinets. The two main options for cabinet materials are laminate and wood. 
Compared with the latter, laminate is relatively inexpensive. Laminate used for kitchen cabinet is good, because it can be painted any color you want and easy to clean. For this reason, many apartment complexes choose these laminate cabinets as they are low-cost and easy to get an updated in color. However, it is difficult to repair once laminate cabinets are damaged. 
If you have higher budget and longer project time, wooden cabinet will be your absolutely choice. Wooden cabinets are sturdy and durable, and it fits any style, any color you want; and no doubt that they are expensive than laminate cabinets. 

4th: Style
You can, of course, choose the cabinet style as you like. Nevertheless, some style decisions depend on the cabinet material you choose, in other words, some difficulties like laminate cabinets do not allow to have panels connected with their fronts. 
When thinking about the style for your kitchen, you should take your home, your lifestyle, your budget, your time in consideration. 

5th: Usability
Kitchen is an often-used location, remodel your kitchen is the time to check what you have and what you do in your kitchen. If you have a lot of pots, pans and other kitchen wares, you may hope to have more kitchen shelves; if you have a lot of tableware you may hope to have more drawers that would be more convenient. Nowadays, there are other options like built-in pantries, oversized doors, and glass display to show your beautiful dishes, etc. Each function is based on your need and request. 

For more information visit us at

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What are the best kitchen faucets?

When remodeling your kitchen, you will have many decisions to make. Some of these decisions pertain to the physical beauty of the kitchen; others are related to the functionality. Among many elements in kitchen, faucets are eye-catching decorative ones and can be pivotal to the smooth running for kitchen because of their high frequency of use.

Kitchen faucets come in a variety of colors,styles, finishes and sizes. What kind  of faucets you select will depend on what kind of look for the kitchen you want to create. Is your kitchen with traditional, modern or Western style? Some faucets are designed with one single handle, and other with two handles. They come with desk mounted or wall mounted styles. 

Kitchen faucets cost from a wide price range, depending on the materials and finishes of them.  Among many materials, solid brass is the most commonly used for kitchen faucets for its resistance to soft-water corrosion and hard-water calcification. It can be plated with chrome, brushed nickel or dark brown finish to offer reliability and durability. Chrome faucets are shiny with their chrome electroplating finish. They are shinier than stainless steel and great for aesthetics, however, a little more difficult to clean and maintain. Compared with chrome faucets, brushed nickel ones look trendier and are low maintenance. They can work well with a lot of styles. 

Dawn Chrome AB50 3079 

 Dawn Brushed Nickel AB08 3152
Dawn Brushed Nickel AB08 3152

Although these two finishes are different in some aspects, they both can suit and enhance the visual landscape of your kitchen. 

No matter what kind of preference you have, when you want to change the kitchen faucets, you need to take the following things into consideration.
1. Count the number of sink holes. A faucet needing two holes should not be replaced with that using only one hole.
2. Check the supply lines. The hot and cold lines have to be connected to the proper handles.
3. Be aware to the installation. Some kitchen faucets are mounted from the top, while others are mounted from the bottom. 

If your kitchen looks outdated and you want to do something about it,please enter the following link to pick up the perfect match faucets or sinks for your kitchen: