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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Development History of Mosaic Tile

Overview of Mosaic Tiles
Mosaic tile is one of the oldest building materials; it is made by pottery or small container. Nowadays, mosaic belongs to tile, or it says as brick, generally composed of dozens of pieces of small bricks. For its characteristics like exquisite and iridescent, it is widely used in floor or wall of indoor and outdoor. If your bathroom is large enough with bright light, you can definitely choose the mosaic tile which is easier to clean than others.

Cultural History of Mosaic Tiles
As early people lived in caves, they want to make the floor more durable, and then they used many kinds of marble lying in the ground, that’s the “ancestors” of mosaic tile, the earliest mosaic tiles is derived and developed from now. An art mosaic earliest is a kind of mosaic art by drawing a pattern on the wall surface or floor, pebbles, shells, tiles, glass colored inlays performance. Mosaic tile, used as decorative materials, and was first found in Sumerian temple walls. Archaeological discoveries is ancient Greece, marble mosaic pavements is very common at that time, supposed it was the most commonly to use black and white marble mosaic tile for pavements. Only the governors or the rich has can afford to hire workers and other materials.

Modern Mosaic Tiles
Today, materials like glass, marble, porcelain, metal, stainless steel and marble, even cutlery, buttons or stationery, all of them can be used to make mosaic tile. With advanced technology, gold and silver can be added into glass mosaic tiles, or even mass produced. Mosaic, for its visual culture and special meaning, it is seriously paid more and more attention by academics. In 1950s, mosaic tiles enlighten the art world, and new materials such as plastic and glass fiber, believed that modern mosaic tiles will create a dramatic and percussive artwork again.

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