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Sunday, June 7, 2015

How to Select Kitchen Cabinets When You Remodel

It is not an easy thing to select a set of kitchen cabinet for your house, style, needs, budget and many factors should be considered carefully. Of course you would like to know the advantages of the materials, changes in design and custom cabinet options. Just narrow down the conditions to get an idea of what you actually and finally want, one by one. 

1st: Budget. 
You may not know, a kitchen offers you the greatest chance for investment. Why do we say that? Because, if you ever think of selling or renting your home, your kitchen will bring you the more money you’ve invested at your remodeling. People always say, a nice kitchen can be much expensive than you thought. Cabinet outlets and cabinet wholesalers usually provide economic cabinets, it saves your money if you budget is tight. Or you can select and purchase cabinet at online shops, as they sometimes have promotions like discount off, free shipping etc. 

2nd: Type
There are 3 types of cabinets when you select: stock, semi-custom and custom-made. Of course, cabinet in stock is the lowest price and custom-made ones will be the highest prices. 
All of them have their own advancements. 
For stock cabinet, they are made in popular styles and suitable for most kitchens, that are why they have large amount in stock and are ready to ship out, people will make their quick choice to select and purchase them in a short time. One important point you should know, you can get high discount off at physical stores as you can found the same type at online shops. The shortcoming of stock cabinets is that they are only one-size-fits by and large and you may waste much useful space. 
For semi-custom cabinet, it provides a competitive option for customers when they have more requirements. 
Compares to the first two types, custom-made cabinet have overwhelming preponderance. Though the price of custom-made cabinet is absolutely expensive than the others, customers who are willing to pay. Why? Simply, custom-made cabinet offers the opportunity to use your kitchen space to an extreme. Some stores or even online stores provide free kitchen design or layout design if your kitchen is going to have a big change. Through this option, any material or style can be selected freely based on your own idea to fit your kitchen. 

3rd: Materials
Factors like cost, style and usability should be taken into consideration when select materials for kitchen cabinets. The two main options for cabinet materials are laminate and wood. 
Compared with the latter, laminate is relatively inexpensive. Laminate used for kitchen cabinet is good, because it can be painted any color you want and easy to clean. For this reason, many apartment complexes choose these laminate cabinets as they are low-cost and easy to get an updated in color. However, it is difficult to repair once laminate cabinets are damaged. 
If you have higher budget and longer project time, wooden cabinet will be your absolutely choice. Wooden cabinets are sturdy and durable, and it fits any style, any color you want; and no doubt that they are expensive than laminate cabinets. 

4th: Style
You can, of course, choose the cabinet style as you like. Nevertheless, some style decisions depend on the cabinet material you choose, in other words, some difficulties like laminate cabinets do not allow to have panels connected with their fronts. 
When thinking about the style for your kitchen, you should take your home, your lifestyle, your budget, your time in consideration. 

5th: Usability
Kitchen is an often-used location, remodel your kitchen is the time to check what you have and what you do in your kitchen. If you have a lot of pots, pans and other kitchen wares, you may hope to have more kitchen shelves; if you have a lot of tableware you may hope to have more drawers that would be more convenient. Nowadays, there are other options like built-in pantries, oversized doors, and glass display to show your beautiful dishes, etc. Each function is based on your need and request. 

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