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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How to Tile with Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles bring you and your house a feeling of texture, energy and color. A long time ago, mosaic tiles have been installed in the kitchen and bathroom, and there are many reasons why they will stay as key position in designing and decorating house.

Materials which used in kitchen or bathroom should be durable, like ceramic, porcelain and marble; all of them are known to waterproof and heat-resisting. No matter used indoors or outdoors, wall tiles or floor tiles, you will find out that there a lot of ways that mosaic tiles can provide decorative as well as protective value.

Installing mosaic tiles

A lot of people think that it is hard to install mosaic tiles due to their smaller size and more tiles for every project. For this reason, when choosing the right fit and color for the mosaic tiles, the installation will be fairly easy. Okay, before beginning the installation, here wants to share some tips to make your project process more smoothly and successfully.

The following tools should be ready:
   Spirit level
   Tile adhesive
   Adhesive spreader
   Tile cutter
   Sponge or damp cloth
   Grout float
   Tape Measure
   Wood block

1.   After confirming your tiles style, then you should consider how many tile you will need. Many professional websites usually offer a tile calculator, where the buyers can enter their measurements of the walls and the mosaic tile size, and then the system will calculate the correct quantity of the tile they need. In case any unexpected happens like pieces break, we suggest to buy a little extra, that would be much helpful.

2.   For preparation, you need to make sure the level and all cracks have been filled. In an ideal world, surfaces without wallpaper or old tiles are a better place to install tiles. There is one way to remove the existing tiles: use a hammer and chisel. Use a pencil and a spirit level for marking the area, also the spirit level will help you to line up straight the tiles.

3.   If permitted, we suggest you to get the best adhesive and adhesive spreader. To ensure the adhesive will stay in a moisture environment longer, you should dust the walls down and apply a sealer for help. Apply the adhesive evenly to a thickness of about 3-5 mm.

4.   When installing the mosaic tiles, start from the center of surface, where with a tape measure, for any cuts or adjustments will be made for the edges. One thing important, make sure that you are installing the pattern of the tiles in a correct way. Use a wooden block and a mallet to tap the tiles lightly, just to make sure they’re level and firmly in place. Then use a wall scraper to remove the needless adhesive in the wall edges.

5.   Compared to bigger tiles, small mosaic tiles are easier to install when meeting some obstacles like light switches or electric plugs. The reason is because small mosaic tiles can be cut into several individual tiles with craft knife when it needs to fit along the edges.

6.   Before applying the grout, the adhesives needs at least 24 hours to get dry. Grouts are available in different colors; you should pay attention to the consistency between the powder and the grouts. To check if the grout is safe and clean to wipe, you can press your nail into the grout and if it could not be impressed, then use a cloth to remove the needless adhesive in the walls edges. To protect against moisture damage, occasionally spray water into the grout for two to three days.

For achieving the correct effect, mosaic tiles should be in harmony with the style and function of the other room or space of the house. In a lot of unique designs, mosaic tiles play a great role to provide much feasibility. Under normal circumstances, mosaic tiles is durable building elements, it can serve you for many years.

Have you got confidence to start your mosaic tile project after reading this guide? I hope so. Why not get some beautiful mosaic tile at, I guarantee you will be fallen in love with them. 

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