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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Guide for Fixing a Loose Faucet Handle

Although faucets are durable fixtures which can be used for many years, it has internal small components that are easy to wear and tear. These parts will deteriorate with the faucets during use. Sooner or later, it will cause a loose faucet handle with the parts rubbing against each other. Compared to other problems, though this plumbing problem won’t cause too much inconvenience or damage, it needs to be fixed ASAP, or when it is worsen and triggered other problems of plumbing emergencies. Actually you can fix it yourself, follow this guide!

1.To find a decorative cap that is usually installed at the center of the faucet handle. On the cap, you will see “C” and “H” which stands for cold and hot respectively. You need to use a knife to pop it out. 

2.When you remove the cap, you’ll find a screw that holds the faucet handle properly. Loosen the screw and it allows you to slip the valve stem off. Or in other words, you can use an Allen wench to get the set screw in place out.

3.When the screw is loosened, remove the faucet’s handle next. 

4.Now, it is time to tighten the connection. Wrap a plumber’s tape around the faucet’s stem and please, remember to wrap it in a clockwise way. And one thing, to make sure that the tape should fit the faucet stem over, without overlapping. 

5.Put the handle back and then tighten the connection with the screw or the set screw. After this movement, put the decorative cap back.

6.Test: turn the faucet on, and ensure that it won’t leak. 

How to Care For Your Faucets

In order to keep your faucets in good condition, follow these tips: 

1.Use a mild soap to clean your faucets regularly. 

2.Please keep in mind that, do not use abrasive sponges or other similar things, or they will scratch your faucets. 

3.Also, avoid using cleansers which contains acid, solvent or acetic materials. 

4.Wipe the faucets after every use, to prevent lime spots. 

5.Cleaning the aerator every week that will help to remove hard mineral deposits; also, it will keep the flow of water running smoothly. 

Hope this guide will gives you a lesson of how to fix a loose faucet handle. If you still could not tighten the connection by yourself, you may need to call a trusted and professional worker.

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