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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Great Backsplash Tiles for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Pretty backsplashes can be one of the most striking elements for kitchen designs. Beautiful backsplashes can be your kitchen cabinets perfect partners. However, sometimes the backsplash selection is left to the very end of a home remodeling project and becomes an afterthought. 

Now check out the following backsplash mosaics that wow from the moment you walk into the kitchen, and get this opportunity to personalize your kitchen and bring together the backsplashes, kitchen cabinets and other elements of your kitchen.

1. Mother of pearl shell mosaic tile would be a great option for kitchen cabinets, expecially for Craftsman Vita Maple cabinets.

2. Glass stone tiles coordinate perfectly with for Craftsman Vita Maple cabinets or Cream Maple cabinets.

3. Heart shaped porcelain pebble mosaic tile is perfect for Craftsman Java Maple cabinets.

Bring a sample with you when shopping for tile to make sure the color of the tile will be perfect combination with that of your kitchen cabinets.

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