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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Repair Shower Leak Repair by Yourself Easily

To repair a leaking shower is not only a trouble thing, but also an expensive thing.


Dripping all the time will waste gallons of water every day. Do not look down upon the dripping, it will raise your water bill and will affect your water heater, thus a high electricity or gas charges will be caused.

Despite your expenses, a leaking shower will also damage your property. Why? The water dribbles to the wall continually; mold, dry rot and other related problems will be shown up, sooner or later.

If you are experiencing this problem now unfortunately, this guide will lead you to stop this leak quickly!

The handle may be improperly shut off, you need to make sure that it is in the correct position it should be. If it still exists, then go to the next step.

Before repairing, remember to turn off the water supply valves. If you are not sure what is the valves location, just turn off the main line off, it is okay.

Make sure that no water will come out, then pry off the cap with knife and remove the faucet handle. Use your screwdriver to separate the screw which is located under the cap.

If the faucet handle is too tight, use a hair dryer or a handle puller to pull it up.
When you remove the faucet’s handle, separate the old cartridge which will be exposed in a short time. Install a new cartridge after using a cartridge puller to finish this task.

Use wrench or a pair of pliers to remove the shower faucet, and then let the water drain out of the tap.

Install your shower’s faucet, remember that do not tighten it just make sure it is safe.

Now, test the leak is fix or not. If the problems still exists, you need to find a professional team.

Hope this guide will gives you a lesson of how to repair a shower leak by yourself. If you still could not tighten the connection by yourself, you may need to call a trusted and professional worker.

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Holly Martin said...

Best guide to Leaking Shower Repairs by yourself. Thanks for sharing information.